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We back these gifts with our 100% Commitment: 100% of your donations will go to the relief effort aimed at these children. And we will provide the accountability that you deserve. We have a 4 out of 4 stars Charity Navigator rating, with the highest possible rating for financial accountability. We take this very seriously. 100% of all donations go to direct relief.  

HAITI : June 15-20, 2016

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Meaning of Geaux Haiti!

Geaux Haiti! is pronounced “Go Haiti”. “-Eaux” makes the “oh” sound in the French language, so “geaux” is pronounced like the English word “go”. Creole and French, both similar languages, are spoken in Haiti, so it makes sense to use French in our name.

Geaux has three meanings for Geaux Haiti!

+ It shows partnership with The Global Orphan Project. They use GO as their initials.

+ Using “geaux” in our name also shows that we want people to go to Haiti on a trip, interact with the orphans, and experience life in a third world country.

+ The third meaning is that we want to build up the people in Haiti; we are cheering “go Haiti” and we want Haiti to succeed.


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